The benefits of Martial Arts for children

A great article on Martial Arts for kids!

Most sports are team sports and teach team work which is great, but Taekwondo teaches skills for the individual child.
Taekwondo will teach team work but it will also teach self discipline through it’s training and it’s underlying principles. Respect, Honor, Self control, Patience, pride, humility, focus and goal setting are just a few of the great character traits taught in Martial Arts.
Learning a Martial Art is a personal challenge… the child cannot rely on team mates to carry them through. They cannot hide in the background and do a minimum to support a team. Taekwondo is a chance to stand on their own two feet and prove to themselves and to their parents that they are their own person.
The confidence boosting effects of martial arts for kids comes down to personal responsibility and achieving goals without anyone’s help.

Martial Arts is often their first chance to prove their value as an individual. A parent can’t help them get their next belt… a fellow student can’t help them get to their goal, they can help them train but when it comes to grading for the next belt they have to take responsibility for themselves. It is all about their own effort, diligence and hard work in training, practicing what will get them to the next level!
Too many things in life can be bought with money or goals can be achieved by cheating the system and riding on the efforts of others which is why I feel martial arts for kids is so important. It is not only a great way for them to learn self worth but they also learn great character building lessons that will help them through the rest of their lives.

There is no better Life Skill training than learning Martial Arts!

There is of course great social and personal things that can be learned in Taekwondo but the other side is the dark side! This modern world is not a safe place and it’s important for kids to know how to protect themselves. Martial Arts programs can give children a fighting chance in our world.
There are no guarantees, but a child enrolled in a Martial Arts program has a much better chance of escaping a bad situation than a child that has no training.
Taekwondo not only teaches how to defend yourself but also how to avoid situations where your child could be put in danger or being bullied.

If you’re a concerned parent that wants to protect their child but you are worried about enrolling your little ones in a Martial Arts school because they may get hurt, or they may learn to deal with problems using violence, then let me set your mind at ease… No Martial Arts School teaches Violence or Aggression!

Martial Arts for Kids is all about self discipline, self confidence and self defense which means you child will be taught to avoid trouble, stay away from trouble and if necessary protect themselves from trouble.