Goodwill tournament results

A massive well done to every student who took part in the 2nd Inner Spirit Goodwill Tournament on the 1st of December 2013 in Cardiff! The competition was again a huge success with more than 150 competitors from all the Inner Spirit Taekwondo schools around Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. Everybody had a chance to show their skills and test themselves in a safe environment and the level of competition is improving every year.

The Cowbridge Competition Team showed a lot of skills, competed and fought really hard, some of the students in their first competition ever. All the new comers to the competiton circuit showed a lot of courage, represented their Taekwondo school very well and did me proud!
Everybody improved their game, showed great attitude and I know that all of the young competitors will get a lot of experience for future tournaments.

A special mention to Yvie Williams who came First in the peewee division in her 2nd competition to date!!! Huge congratulations also to Rhydian Williams who took the gold medal in a very tough ligthweight division, Ben Arnesen who won in the patterns event and Ben Sutton who only lost by a point in the finals of the heavyweight division! Overall, it was a very good day for the club and all the hard work and dedication is paying off!

As always, a big thank you to Joseph Schembri and Brian Taylor for organising such a great event!

Well done everyone:
  • Matthew Brazier
  • Joe Sutton
  • Ben Sutton
  • Jacob Seamark
  • Rhydian Williams
  • Benjamin Arnesen
  • Jake White
  • Cameron White
  • Sebastian Steffen
  • William Miles
  • Lewis Sevenoaks
  • Yvie Williams
  • Benjamin Hardy