National Area Black Belt Pre-Grading Sessions October 2014

Here are the dates and details of the pre-grading sessions for the 2nd/1st Kup and Black Belts students.
Note: the students grading in October must take part in all 3 pre-grading sessions!


Tae Kwon Do Centre 194b Cowbridge Road East Cardiff CF5 1GW

All Sessions: 11am 2nd/1st Kup - 12:30 1st Dans - 14:00 2nd Dans and above

                Saturday 13th of September 2014
                    Saturday 4thof October 2014
                   Saturday 11thof October 2014

All 2nd/1st kup & Black Belts who are not grading need to attend at least one of the above sessions at a cost of £5.

Arrive at least 15min before start and bring your T.A.G.B. licence.

White T.A.G.B. doboks only!

Please contact your instructor for more informations.