2014 Review

First of all, as always, I would like to thank all my students for their hard work, commitment and dedication in training! Thank you also to all parents and guardians for your continuous support to both clubs. It has been another fantastic year!

2014 has been a very exciting and busy year for me with the opening of my second Taekwondo school in Porthcawl. This has allowed me to realise the long time dream of becoming a full time Taekwondo Instructor in September. There is still a lot of hard work for me to do in order to grow the schools, improve as a teacher and give my students the very best instruction, but I know that with everybody’s commitment and perseverance, 2015 will be an amazing year!

Once again, we have had a very successful year when it comes to gradings and I would like to congratulate Jake White in particular for getting his 1st Dan Black Belt in April, after more than 5 years of continuous training! Well done Jake! Everybody is doing a fantastic job going up the ranks with many more students getting closer to achieving their goal of becoming a Black Belt. I am looking forward to take the next group to the Black Belt grading in April 2015!

The Little Tigers students also keep on displaying great enthusiasm and continue to improve with every session, with a few of them making a very successful transition into the Junior Taekwondo classes. I really feel that the Little Tigers program is a fantastic opportunity for the younger students to develop and create positive habits for the future.

Congratulations also to all the students taking part in competitions in 2014! Testing your skills in a competitive environment is always a challenge but you will all learn and benefit from your experiences. Win or lose, you all deserve to be praised for your hard work and I know that more medals and titles are on the way!

I would also like to thank again all my fantastic Coaches, Instructors, training partners and friends for helping me prepare for the challenges ahead and improve with every training session. Your help is very much appreciated.

As I said last year, I would like to encourage my students to set goals and challenges, never give up and be humble. I will in return, try to set a positive example and role model by continuing to set challenges for myself, improve as an Instructor and support all my students reach their goals and potential. We have an exciting and busy year 2015 ahead of us and a lot to look forward to! More competitions, more Taekwondo gradings, more training camps and seminars... But by far the most important thing of all, more fun!!!

Well done and thank you all once again for your support and dedication, I’m sure that we will all have an amazing 2015!
Happy New Year!

Neil Gimbel