Black Belt course Sept/Oct 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please remember that our next Black Belt course will start next Wednesday. 

This course is compulsory to any students wanting to take part in the next Black Belt grading!

The course will be run over 4 weeks and will consist of 4 additional technical sessions focusing on different aspects of the Black Belt grading. Each week will be different and will cover topics such as theory and terminology, patterns, technical line work, step sparring and free sparring.

The additional sessions will be on the following dates:

  •       Wednesday 25th September 2019 - 5pm to 6pm
  •       Wednesday 2nd October 2019 - 5pm to 6pm
  •       Wednesday 9th October 2019 - 5pm to 6pm
  •       Wednesday 16th October 2019 - 5pm to 6pm
The venue for the sessions will be:

Ystradowen Village Hall, Cowbridge Road, CF1 7SY Ystradowen.

Neil Gimbel