Hi everyone,

A quick update on re starting our classes.

I am still waiting for more information and guidelines from the Welsh Government and our governing body regarding indoor group training. As far as I know, gyms are able to reopen from the 10th of August and sport clubs should also be able to resume training indoors from that date as long as venues are open and allow us back.

Please be aware that for our first few sessions back, I am planning on having shorter classes with limited numbers to allow for everyone to get used to the new rules. My priority is to make sure everyone gets back to training in the safest way possible.

✅ I have been in contact with the Porthcawl Y Centre and they are happy for us to start back next week. I am organising a new updated timetable and preparing a risk assessment to make sure we have everything in place to start back safely.
A return to class protocol will also be out before the end of the week to ensure we’re all following guidelines and are aware of the new rules.

⛔️ Unfortunately things are not as easy with Cowbridge as I have not been able to get in touch with the Leisure Centre. They have not yet replied to my emails and there is no way to speak to anyone on the phone for now. I am not sure the Cowbridge Leisure Centre will reopen on the 10th as they are not listed on the Legacy Leisure website for that date...
I will update everyone as soon as I get a reply from them but unfortunately, starting back next week looks very unlikely.

I will continue with the Zoom classes as normal next week if we cannot start back in Cowbridge so students are not missing out, and we’ll be looking at starting back properly from September. I would love for all students to be able to come and train in Porthcawl but the venue would be too small to accommodate everyone and with our new timetable and limited numbers it would just be impossible.

Please keep checking our Facebook page and website for the latest news, the updated Porthcawl timetable and return to class protocol will be out before the end of the week.

Thank you all 😊