• No training if feeling unwell or other members of the household displaying symptoms for Covid 19! (This goes without saying, but I will be very strict on this one and will not allow students to train if they are showing signs of illness). 
  • Do not attend training if your class or school year has been asked to isolate due to Covid cases in school.
  • Members have to make sure their licence is up to date (I will have licence forms with me at every session and will contact students who need renewal).
  • Classes will have social distance rules in place (following the latest Welsh Government guidelines, children under the age of 11 do not have to social distance anymore but I will keep the 2 metres rule on for now).
  • Class size has been reduced to 15 students maximum for now so we have an updated timetable.
  • Class length has been shortened so we can fit in more sessions and leave enough time in between classes for students leaving and entering our training venues.
  • Hands must be sanitized on arrival and exit (Sanitizer will be available in each class).
  • No gathering or waiting in the corridors or waiting areas before or after your class and please follow a 2 metres distancing rule.
  • Face masks are mandatory for parents/guardians if you want to enter our training venues. Face masks are mandatory inside our venues for students over 11 years old. Face masks are NOT mandatory for training.
  • We will use a one way system for entrance and exit where possible.
  • Come to class with uniform and belt on, ready for training (only official TAGB suits and club t shirts will be allowed in class from now on). No shared changing areas will be in use.
  • No sparring kit required for class as sparring or any sort of contact training is not allowed until further notice.
  • Shoes will be kept on for class for now.
  • Please bring your own water bottle, no water station will be in place at our venues.