About me:

Hi and welcome to NGTKD! My name is Neil Gimbel and I am the Head Instructor of the Cowbridge and Porthcawl T.A.G.B. Taekwondo Schools and hold Full Instructor, Umpire and Referee qualifications from the Taekwondo Association of Great Britain (T.A.G.B.) and the British Taekwondo Council (B.T.C.). 
As a qualified and registered Instructor, I am also CRB/DBS checked, have full Instructor indemnity insurance with the B.T.C. and First Aid qualifications. 

I have over 30 years of experience in Martial Arts training including, Shotokan Karate, Kickboxing and Taekwondo. My competitive honours include Regional, National and International medals and titles in these different Martial Arts disciplines. I also study and train in Submission Grappling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and hold the rank of Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I am a former Taekwondo National Team member with Wales and had the privilege to travel the World and compete at International events such as Fight Nights, European Championships and World Championships.

What we do:
If you are looking for a way to encourage your children to take part in more physical activities, gain confidence or learn to protect themselves, it is worth considering a Martial Arts class designed for youngsters. I specialise in teaching Taekwondo to children and have broken down and adapted the syllabus to make it more accessible for the younger ones. 

The Junior Taekwondo Program:
The Junior Taekwondo program (5 years +) has been specially designed and adapted for children and will teach them valuable life skills and values as well as self-defence. Sport Taekwondo, will help boost their self-confidence and raise their fitness levels. Classes have very limited numbers to provide the best instruction possible and each session is focused on your child's specific grade.

Neil Gimbel Taekwondo can also offer a great pathway for students wishing to perform at a local, national and international level with events organised throughout the year. As a member of the Taekwondo Association of Great Britain (T.A.G.B.) and the British Taekwondo Council (B.T.C.) the Governing Body for Taekwondo in the UK, we provide the best platform possible for development and a direct access to the Welsh T.A.G.B. National Team squad training. 

As well as the competitive route, Neil Gimbel Taekwondo will help your child achieve their dream of becoming a Black Belt through the T.A.G.B. grading syllabus. They will receive National Governing Body (B.T.C.) recognised grades for all their efforts and dedication, and with gradings held on a regular basis, every student makes constant progress.

Our program will teach your child core values such as discipline and respect and by starting at an early age, they will develop positive habits and confidence to last a lifetime. I believe in bringing out the best in your Child and have designed our classes to be entertaining and informative. Taekwondo training will also help your Child channel their energy and you will see a great improvement in a matter of weeks!


How does my Child start?
First, you have to contact us to book your first FREE introductory lesson. When your Child has been booked and is ready to start, just bring them along to one of our classes. Please ensure they are wearing loose comfortable clothing such as jogging bottoms and a t-shirt and remove any jewellery. Make sure you Child brings along a drink of water and they are ready for their first Taekwondo class!

How much will it cost?

Everybody starts with a FREE trial session. We do not insist on any long term commitments! However, if you do wish for your Child to take up training, you will require an annual T.A.G.B. licence which currently costs £40 and covers both T.A.G.B. membership and insurance. You are then required to pay a £33 monthly fee by standing order on the 1st of each calendar month.

How are the monthly fees calculated?
What is the number of weeks that I actually pay for?
We take the 52 weeks that are in a year and then deduct 7 weeks from this to give us a ‘working’ total of 45 weeks. Your fees are then divided into 12 equal monthly payments.

Why do you use 45 weeks?
This is to allow for the Summer Holiday break and the Christmas Holiday break, as well as deducting the Bank Holidays, plus an additional allowance for unforeseen circumstances (venue is unavailable, last minute cancellation etc.). As you can see, we do allow for a generous amount of ‘unforeseen days’ to ensure that you are not being charged should classes not run for any reason.

Does that mean you still use 12 months for a year?
Yes, we still work on 12 months in a year as your fees are based on a yearly membership but we’ve allowed for those days shown above within this. This means that within each month we have automatically deducted the appropriate number of “no classes”. You are not paying for those!

When do I need to pay?
All fees MUST be paid via standing order. Payments should be set up for the 1st of each calendar month. The reason for this is simple, we need to make sure our administration of your fees is accurate and timely to ensure that you are getting the best service possible and that the Instructor can focus on the students. It would be impossible to manage if we had payments coming in at all times during the month!

What if my child wants to stop?
There is no contract to sign and you can cancel your standing order at any time! All we ask for, is that if your child wants to stop attending our classes, a minimum of one full month payment notice is given. 

For example, if you decide in mid January that your child wants to stop, we would require notice of a month – meaning that we would need payment for February and you would leave us in March.

Ok, so what do I need to pay?
Juniors Taekwondo Program:
The fee is £33 per month for your child to train twice a week.
£33 x 12 months = £396 (this works out at a rate of just £4.40 per class based on 45 weeks)

Families who train together also receive a substantial discount on the individual rate.

If you continue training, you will be expected to purchase a dobok (training suit) before your first grading, but this will not be until around three months after you start so there is no rush to purchase this. Loose clothing (joggers, t-shirt etc) is perfectly acceptable in the early lessons.

Note: (A discount is offered to those purchasing the licence and training suit together).

When does my Child get to grade?

Gradings take place every three months but there is no obligation to grade. Students are assessed in class and are only put forward for gradings when both the student and Instructor are confident in the student’s ability and the student is ready and willing to seek progress. Our training syllabus allows the student to grow and develop their skills at their own pace. Once your Child has passed their grading, they will receive a certificate and their brand new belt. Tying on the next colour of belt can be a huge confidence boost, they can look back at the other newer beginners to see just how much they have learnt and improved. Higher grade students that are on the advanced syllabus (blue belts and above) must wait at least six months between gradings. The grading cost for colour belts is currently £30.

Sparring equipment?

Sparring equipment is not normally required for students in the lower grades, unless they wish to compete in tournaments. It is compulsory for gradings from green belt and above, but this is normally at least one and a half years after training starts.
Note: (Only the official T.A.G.B. sparring kit is permitted).

Can my Child take part in competitions?

Absolutely! As soon as the student get their yellow stripe (after the first grading) they can take part in all local and national competitions organised by the T.A.G.B. I always encourage children to have a go and test their skills in a competitive environment. Your Child will only ever be competing against children of the same grade and height as them. Competing can be a great experience for young children and can be a very good learning opportunity! The T.A.G.B. competitions are an amazing platform for your Child to develop and improve. And of course, winning or getting a medal will be a huge boost to anyone's confidence. My students often bring home medals and trophies from both local and national tournaments.
Note: (Competitions are optional and your Child will never be forced to compete if they do not wish to).

How long does it take to earn a Black Belt?

Most junior students earn their Black Belt after approximately 5/6 years of constant training. Every student moves through our program at the pace appropriate for them, so actual time will depend on individual effort and development. Perhaps the easiest way to answer that question is that there is no set time for your Child to earn a Black Belt. It all depends on how much they practice and how badly they want it. With hard work and dedication anything is possible!