What is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo as a sport has over 60 million practitioners in 184 countries and originates from Korea. The modern form of Taekwondo was not agreed until 1955, but the sport has its roots in various Korean forms of martial arts stretching back more than 2,000 years.

The name Taekwondo literally translates as the way of the foot and the fist. (Tae) means to break or attack with the foot, (kwon) means to break with the fist and (do) translates as the art or way.

Modern Taekwondo has both a traditional self defence aspect and a modern sport aspect. Under the guidance of the World Taekwondo Federation, Taekwondo was introduced as an Olympic sport (1988 in Seoul, and 1992 in Barcelona). It became a full medal sport at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia.

Taekwondo has something to offer for everyone. There are forms (choreographed patterns), self defence, grappling and holds, hand techniques, sport Taekwondo and of course awesome kicking techniques. Taekwondo is for the young and not so young. The competitor, the fitness fanatic, the person looking for self defence, the parent looking for a good disciplined environment for their child, and the family looking for a group activity. You can all find something in Taekwondo!

The T.A.G.B.

The Tae Kwon Do Association of Great Britain (TAGB) is a nationally recognised Tae Kwon Do organisation in the UK. It was formed in 1983 and has since become the founding member of the British Tae Kwon Do Council (BTC) which is recognised by the United Kingdom Sports Council.

TAGB instructors are highly qualified, accredited individuals with many years of experience in teaching high quality Tae Kwon Do classes and training programs.

Because of its high-kicking, fast-paced style Tae Kwon Do is a thoroughly modern way of getting fit. The TAGB is a great advocate of fun and fitness at an early age and TAGB instructors often work with local schools to teach self-defence. As the largest single martial arts organisation in Europe, the TAGB has over 25,000 accredited members, 600 clubs, and organises seminars with World Masters, demonstrations, regional, national and international championships every month of the year.

The TAGB is not just concerned with its own development. That is why it has played a leading role in the reunification of British Tae Kwon-Do into one body. In 1988, the TAGB helped found the British Tae Kwon-Do Council (BTC), this being the only governing body of Tae Kwon-Do to be recognised by the Sports Council.

The TAGB also helped found Tae Kwon-Do International, the object of which is to bring together Tae Kwon-Do practitioners throughout the World. Since its foundation in 1993, Tae Kwon-Do International has grown to become one of the biggest World Tae Kwon-Do bodies. Its World Championships are amongst the largest and best organised in the World and draws its participation from every contingent.

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